Are You Ready? EP Review (Words By Jordan Carabache)



When I reviewed Jords single “today” I was thoroughly impressed with the mixture of an alternative beat and philosophical lyrics, and it’s safe to say that his new mix tape “are you ready”? has delivered highly showing once again his versatility as an artist.

 That feeling – kicking of the EP “that feeling” opens with a dreamy and ambient beat brilliant ridden by Jords and once again being complimented by his intelligent and sly wordplay, sly in the sense that I had to reload the track to fully comprehend some of them. The highlight of the song personally is around one minuet thirty when Jords switches his flow to a more aggressive and passionate one underlining his versatility as a recording artist mixing different elements of flow into one track.
Today – previously reviewed.
Will to live ft Priscilla Sol – opening with a dominant beat and powerful vocals from Priscilla Sol this track to me highlights the philosophical nature behind Jords lyrics. Philosophical because of the creative struggle that shines from the track, detailed in the chorus “I’m all alone my minds gone” Jords targets fake friendship and struggle to reach your goals as being one of the major obstacles when reaching out for your dream, effortlessly portrayed by his lyrical skill and wordplay once again. 
Tell me ft Parris Wright – An ambient and cosmic beat to kick off the track with a beautiful piano piece and when the soothing vocals kick in there is an effect on the listening that leaves them motionless. Definitely the best track on the Ep to pull someone close to you closer, with passionate heartfelt lyrics supplied by the tracks featured artist Parris Wright.
Can you tell? (Interlude) – Opening with a quirky and uplifting beat, this track to me again shows the versatility of Jords as an artist with a completely different change of tone from the two previous tracks. Intelligent wordplay yet again the highlight of this track for me is Jords delivery, an undertone of confidence in his voice with implications that his hard word is starting to pay of hence the tracks name “can you tell?”
Directions – An emotionally charged beat and soft vocals for the chorus gives this track a different feeling and meaning to the others. Rhetorical questions included into the lyrics the message of the track to me is clear that Jords has made mistakes like us all but realising this he has changed the direction and mentality of his life. Displayed in his lyric “I made a mistake but will I learn a lesson? can I create a second first impression?”
Broken ft Tom Mann – Exceptionally strong lyrical assault on this track by Jords switching up the versatility of his flow and delivery yet again. From the title of the track and the lyrics it’s clear that Jords has had some troubling times hurting either himself or someone else and the pain of the track has been transmuted into an uplifting feel rather than dwelling on past misdoings. Powerful vocal support from Tom Mann sealing another strong chorus in the ever impressive EP.
Dear destiny ft Thea Gajic and Priscilla sol – opening with a transcendent and cosmic beat the beautifully rehearsed speech from Thea Gajic addressing destiny directly is the highlight of this track personally as it throws the listener into the deep end of thought almost instantly. Jords stepping up and delivering an equally impressive verve addressing density himself furthermore throwing the listening into deep thought about how his destiny is to support his family and become the star he was born to be, topped off with soothing and powerful vocals from Priscilla Sol. Personally my favourite track of the EP.
To conclude Jords has simply delivered a momentous EP showing his versatility as a singer/songwriter and rapper. Effortless lyrical wordplay, meaning behind every song and strong support from every featured artist on their tracks cements this as an example of tireless input will definitely produce stunning output. The only criticism I could give Jords is that I would of liked to of seen more rappers featured on the EP and possibly for each song to have been longer than they were but other than that simply flawless.

Ambitious Girl Review (Words by Jordan Carabache)

Jords – Ambitious Girl Review

With Jords delivering back to back songs now, the anticipation for his up and coming project is growing rapidly.

The message of the song is conclusive from the start with the brilliant opening acapella from Jords, who lays out that an ambitious girl with drive is more sought after than a chick who drops their knickers with ease.

Immediately after listening to the song you will have a strong urge to call a girl and chill, with The dreamy and cosmic beat complimenting the delivery of both Jords, Benjamin bleak and TO, the featured artists on the track. wordplay and clever punches in abundance Jords is showing that his lyrical skill is a force to be reckoned with, with strong support from Benjamin bleak who delivers an equally impressive verse.

With TO’s softening vocals adding more to the chilled vibe of the track this is definitely one to have your hands around someone’ waist to.